NFTs minter on MultiversX

Use MultiversX network's NFTs minter to create professionally produced digital tokens and safely accept payments from your customers. The minter is the easiest way to create, distribute and sell your own NFTs. It comes with everything you need to start selling NFTs today.

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What is NFT minter?

NFTs minter is a dApp that allows you to sell & distribute your collection's NFTs. The minter comes with everything you need to start selling NFTs today on MultiversX (formerly known as Elrond).

NFTs collections on MultiversX which are using our Web3-based NFTs minter - benefit a lot. Basically, you can sell and distribute your NFTs without the need of a third-party marketplace, it is a more secure, faster minter process, and also can provide custom solutions if needed. This means you have more control over your NFTs collection management.

Discover Minter capabilities

Whitelist your NFTs

With our NFT minter, you can have a list of wallet addresses who are eligible to mint an NFT at a certain date and time. Being on such a list helps buyers avoid exorbitant secondary prices, by creating multiple wallets and buying all NFTs too quickly.

Faster minting experience

The NFTs minting process is very sensitive to network latency and bandwidth. We’ve worked hard to optimize the minting experience, so your users will be able to mint your NFT collection faster compared with NFTs marketplaces. It takes 14 seconds on average to receive NFT into your wallet.

Limit quantity per wallet

Our NFT minter on the MultiversX (formerly known as Elrond) allows you to set a limit on how many NFTs buyers can purchase per transaction. This helps to prevent supply issues, where few holders buy the majority of available NFTs, thus potentially raising floor prices for others.


Our NFTs minter dApp on MultiversX (formerly known as Elrond) is fully white-labeled so that you can create and sell your NFTs collection based on your brand book. You have full control over your NFTs, copy, background and color schemes, which means that users will associate them with your brand.

Referral program

Create a referral program on your NFTs minter and allow members of your community to earn commissions by promoting your collectibles. In addition, you can set different commissions based on the amount of your collection NFTs in a wallet. A great way to organically reach more customers & attract people from other chains.

Need something extra?

We will create a NFTs minter, tailored to your specifications.

Made with precision in mind

We take full responsibility to develop the highest standards solutions based on Web3. We’ve built the NFTs minter dApp on MultiverseX with precision and care so that it can be a valuable tool for NFTs creators and collectors.

Fast proceeding

14 seconds

We guarantee that minting will be faster on our NFT minter than anywhere else.

Security first


You do not have to worry about security issues when selling your collection on our NFT minter.

Client’s satisfaction


The NFT minter is made with user experience in mind so that you can provide an white-label experience to your customers.

Tailored with Trust

Each line of code in our NFT minter is developed with security as a core priority. Our dApps and also smart contracts are audited by Web3 professionals and security experts. We have strong partnerships with the MultiversX (formerly known as Elrond) senior developers, which means that you can be assured that your NFTs are secure.

We will take care of the security of your NFTs minting process, so you can concentrate on what really matters: project development and marketing.

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Custom NFTs Minter vs Launchpad

One potential benefit of launching an NFT collection with a custom minting dapp is that it allows you to have more control over the minting process. This can be especially useful if you have specific requirements or constraints that are not supported by existing launchpad platforms. For example, if you want to mint NFTs with a unique set of metadata or attributes, or if you want to customize the minting process to include additional features or functionality, a custom minting dApp can provide a more flexible and customizable solution. Additionally, using a custom minting dapp can also give you more control over the branding and user experience associated with your NFT collection, allowing you to create a more cohesive and consistent look and feel for your NFTs.

Our partners

We helped many MultiversX (formerly known as Elrond) NFT projects to successfully launch their collections without any issues. Our NFT minter is a great solution for both experienced and new projects.


uPark is the first carbon-negative parking reservation solution on MultiversX. Combased is responsible for all development & NFTs minting processes. uPark is using our dApp NFTs minter for selling and distributing NFTs.


Calileo is a trusted social platform on MultiversX Network and we as Combased are responsible for all development & NFTs minting processes. Calileo is using our developed NFTs minter dApp for selling NFTs.

Bronx Apes Club

Bronx Apes Club is a project that combines hand-crafted NFTs with the Combased NFT minter based on MultiversX Network to sell & distribute digital collectibles.


Comverse is the leading NFTs collection on MultiversX Network with a clear purpose to increase CDO (community wallet) amount which profits are distributed to NFTs holders regularly. Comverse is using Combased NFTs minter to sell and distribute NFTs during mining time.

Friendly Monsters

FriendlyMonsters is an art project made up of 5000 unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) generated randomly, based on the MultiversX Network (formerly known as Elrond). FriendlyMonsters is using Combased NFTs minter to sell and distribute randomly generated NFTs.

Partner with Combased