Have an NFT idea?
We will help to launch.

Combased developers team will do all technical parts of the NFT Collection's successful launch. All you need to have - is a collection idea & vision.

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What you can get:

We are able to serve you a white range of services related to successfully launching the NFT Collection.

White-labeled dApp

Professionally mint and collect payments from your customers.

Smart contract development

We will develop the Smart contract which will be owned by you.

NFT image generation

We will generate your NFT collection with rarity.


No need to worry about the technical part. Smooth work - our value.

Automated Minting

We will mint your NFT Collection in bulk to the blockchain.

Custom solution

If you need custom a NFT Collection implementation in your business - we can code it.

Need something else? Jusk ask!

Differentiate your NFT collection

We can help to scale your NFT Collection with additional features. It will help you to engage with the community and gamify the process.

Referral program

Allow your community to promote your NFT Collection with the affiliate. Provide them passive income.

NFT staking

Let the community be loyal and stake your NFT collection.

NFT validation

Reward your community with custom NFT holding conditions.

Trusted by Companies:

Case study

Ofero Network

Ofero Events organize huge live events and are a part of Ofero Network which aims to become Romania's no. 1 ecosystem in 2023.

Task The client wanted to implement NFT technology for event ticketing.

Result Combased developed a white-labeled dApp for NFTs minting with custom functionalities included.

Case study


Coqlicornce is a french vodka boutique with a strong community.

Task The client wanted to implement dApp, capable of validating users' NFTs for claiming VIP membership.

Result Combased developed the dApp, which allows the client to see his NFTs, duration of holding, and claim a VIP ticket if he is eligible.

Case study

FriendlyMonsters NFTs

FriendlyMonsters is a community on the Elrond Network.

Task The client wanted to sell NFTs professionally and own customer experience while purchasing FriendlyMonsters NFT. Also, to reduce transaction fees compared to marketplaces.

Result Combased developed a white-labeled dApp + smart contract and ensured smooth NFTs selling process through independent NFT collection minter.

Plans & Pricing

Starter package

This plan best first for those who already have art and just want to start selling it.

12 $eGLD

White-labeled dApp

Smart contract development

Automated Minting

Custom package

Custom package is for those who needs complex solutions.

30+ $eGLD

Everything in Standard package

Referral feature

NFT Validator feature

NFT staking

Custom features