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Connect with your community and increase sales by giving NFT holders exclusive access to your merch, experiences, and more.

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For existing NFTs collection as additional utility
For entrepreneurs who are curious about additional revenue stream
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As a Web3 development company, we specialize in creating innovative solutions such as eCommerce token-gating. We have extensive experience working with the Shopify platform and have developed several apps using the Web3 framework.

What is tokengated Shopify store?

Token-gated merchandise stores are online stores that use a token-based system to control access to and distribution of goods. In the context of NFTs, a token-gated merchandise store can provide additional utility for token holders by allowing them to access exclusive content or get discounts through the use of their tokens.

For example, a token-gated Shopify store could allow NFT holders to redeem their tokens for exclusive merchandise or access to special events, which tickets can be sold though Shopify only for those who own a token. This creates a sense of exclusivity and can increase the value of the NFTs, as well as providing additional benefits for token holders.

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