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Use our NFTs minter on MultiversX to create a personalized minting experience for your community. Accept various payments, set limits, or whitelist before public launch.

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Fast transactions

We guarantee fast and optimized transactions together with active monitoring of the minting.

Secured & audited

Our minter is secured and actively audited to ensure your community funds' safety.

Clients’ satisfaction

With our user-friendly approach to the minting experience, you and your community will be satisfied.

What is NFT minter?

Our custom NFT minter is a perfect solution for brands that want to build a unique minting experience for their community. Take control of your mints without any third-party marketplace.

Secured & audited solution together with various customization options like styles, whitelists, minting limits, discounts, or referrals.

Tailored with Trust

Safety is the main key to building trust in communities. We guarantee safety and peace of mind that is built in a rock-solid minting solution.

Audited by Web3 professionals and security experts

Discover custom NFTs minter capabilities

Lightning-fast transactions

NFTs minting process is very sensitive to network latency and bandwidth. We ensure fast transactions to go through the network.

White-labeled to fit your brand

NFTs minter is open to customization to fit your brand image. Style your minting page to make it as appealing as possible together with our in-house designers' team.

Whitelist wallet addresses

Whitelist multiple wallet addresses or NFT collections to make them eligible for the minting. A perfect solution to bring power for your local community members.

Referral program

Create a referral program on your NFTs minting and allow your community to earn commissions by promoting your collectibles. Reach more customers & attract new ones.

Limit minting quantity per wallet

Set limits on minting quantity per wallet to create a smooth experience. It will bring equal power to everyone willing to mint your NFTs.

Limit minting quantity per transaction

Set limits on minting quantity per transaction to create a smooth experience. It will bring equal power to everyone willing to mint your NFTs.

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