Create unlockable products with NFTs on Shopify

Sell products or provide benefits on Shopify if your customers own a specific NFT.

Empower NFTs in Shopify store

Available for any Shopify store.

Unlock products with NFTs

Provide exclusive access to products for NFT holders.

Reward your community

Treat your NFT holders like no one else is rewarding them. Utilize NFTs in your Shopify store.

Start Web3 marketing

Be one of the first Shopify stores that utilize NFTs in the marketing strategy.

Product made for innovators

Enhanced shopping experience through digital wallet integration

Motivate and retain communities' interest in your brand. You can give token holders early access to drops or exclusive access to limited edition merch, experiences, and more when they connect a Web3 wallet to your store.

Utilize multiple blockchains

Link NFTs to specific products

Setup discounts

NFT integration with Shopify storefront

You can easily integrate and use NFTs in your Shopify storefront with the NFTcommerce Shopify app.

Utilize multiple NFT collections

Collab & build communities

Collaboration with other brands on a large release or special drop. Allow them to gate to their audiences, or allow them to gate to yours. NFT holders will be excited with new places to fit in and stand out.

Utilize NFT in the Shopify

The app is public, and every Shopify store owner can implement the NFTcommerce application in the storefront.

Use cases

Web3-based loyalty program

One of the most obvious use cases of NFTs for eCommerce businesses is loyalty programs. The problem that eCommerce businesses are facing these days is the lack of loyal customer control. As you may know, loyal existing customers for eCommerce are way cheaper compared with newly acquired ones.

eCommerce brands marketing is accelerating into communities, however, brands must be capable to create, engage & reward the community.

As the interest in Web3 is growing rapidly and there are more and more customers who are participating in buying NFTs with utilities, the eCommerce brand that is willing to take advantage and step into next-level eCommerce improved by Web3 technology should start implementing NFTs in their marketing processes. NFTs can also provide a competitive edge to brands through loyalty-focused efforts.

Benefit for shop

  • Increases organic interest of the brand.

  • Community members are willing to spread the word about the brand with the intention to increase the value of the brand, because if the value of the brand increases - the value of the brand NFT also increases.

  • Get an advantage over your competitors using marketing based on Web3-technology compared to traditional Web2 marketing where the customer is not a part of the brand.

Benefit for Community

  • Customers will feel that they are a part of the brand which rewards them with the “proof of membership”.

  • The community can receive discounts & special offers specialized for them.

  • Customers that have “proof of membership”, can receive early access to the new products or be the first with an access to the sales prices before they become publicly available.  

  • Access private community events.

Fundraise your product with NFTs

Do you have the product idea but struggling to fund the development costs? Using NFTs technology you can fundraise your product and start a business in a decentralized way more transparently and faster.

All you need is a well-detailed product proposal. Launch an NFT collection dedicated to the product and fundraise the product by selling NFTs. Later, when the product will be developed and successfully launched, provide the NFT holder the ability to order the product for free by proving its ownership with the purchased NFT. All of it is fully supported with our NFTcommerce Shopify application.

Benefit for shop

  • Develop product in decentralized way.

  • Fundraise the product in a more transparent way.

Benefit for Community

  • Investing in product  is more secure, since the future rewards can be written in the smart contracts.

  • NFT holders will feel being part of the product that motivates them to promote the product, thus generating the user created content.

Attract new customers through NFT communities

By using NFTcommerce you can engage with already released NFT collection audiences by providing them exclusive access to your shop products or content.

By collaborating with NFT projects that have a mass following, you can increase the number of your product transactions and revenue on top of that by providing special offers or limited product access for token holders.

Benefit for shop

  • An inexpensive way to open new customer acquisition channels.

Benefit for Community

  • The community has more rewards and benefits just by holding an NFT. Think about exclusive merchandise drops.

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