Sell NFTs on Shopify & our NFT minter is live!

Viktor Vostrikov
February 27, 2023
5 min read

Fungyy NFT minter is live!

If you saw our previous product update, our NFTs minter was still waiting for review… Fast forward to today and we are not only live on the Shopify App Store, but have already implemented art generation & multi-asset smart contracts, and much more! But now, start reading our NFTs minting & selling guide!

Fungyy live on Shopify App Store

How do you actually get started selling NFTs using Fungyy?

Well, it is indeed straightforward. No need for buzz words and vague descriptions.

  1. Install our application.
  2. Provide name, symbol, description, image, and quantity. Fungyy will create a Smart contract (for non-geeks ones this is simply your starting point & record in the blockchain) on the Polygon chain.
  3. Your newly minted NFT will magically appear next to your products. From now on treat it as your regular product, since it is one. It even has a price in USD, no cryptocurrency is needed. That's why Shopify is perfect for onboarding the next 1 billion users to the fascinating blockchain world since the majority of them are not keen on buying crypto just yet.
  4. After a customer buys NFT from your store, he will get an email (now we support emails with branded templates!) with a link to claim his bellowed NFT. After that just leave everything to the customer, because he will have to connect a crypto wallet and Metamask is perfect for that. After the connection is done, the NFT is freshly minted NFT for free. That's right, payment was already made in your specified currency, as a result, an NFT is free of charge. 
All your Smart contracts in one place & minting options

Sounds easy, isn’t it? But why do I  need NFTs?

Well, technically you don’t. Your customer, though, is excited about buying NFTs from his favourite brand. Why shouldn’t he be? It is You in the first place, who believed in your product, made market research, powered Your e-commerce shop with Shopify, or even went with Shopify Plus to get enterprise-level support. The customer wants to believe in Your product as well, that's why he is interested in buying digital assets from your store.

That goes hand in hand with limited product drops & premium memberships based on NFT ownership (we have another product, already in review, designed specifically for that!).

In short, NFTs are not only the way more interesting way of rewarding loyal customers (that’s right you can use Fungyy to create NFTs, which act as gifts!), but it is mainly a trust-building between your store & customer.

So, what's next?

Start integrating Fungyy today. We have shops powered by Fungyy already live on Shopify Plus! Desert Farms is uniquely focused on camel milk products, including soaps, powders, and beauty kits. Everyone is welcome to mint a random NFT, which is visible as a generated GIF, using Fungyy’s latest art generation feature

By the way, if you have a unique idea of your own on how to integrate blockchain technology into your brand, just contact us whenever you feel ready. Combased specializes in a variety of blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Algorand, Elrond, and Solana. We are confident about decentralizing your existing service!

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