NFTs integration in eCommerce businesses

Augustinas Grūpas
February 27, 2023
5 min read

Nowadays, lots of merchants are wondering how NFTs can be implemented in the eCommerce processes. For some people it is hard to understand for others it is a new way of communicating with customers or attracting new ones.

NFT itself is a powerful technology. The problem in the eCommerce market is that almost every eCommerce business owner does not know how to implement the NFTs Collection in their business properly.

Meanwhile, some merchants are still wondering how NFTs can be beneficial in eCommerce.

Let’s begin with how eCommerce businesses can benefit from NFTs

NFTs benefits in eCommerce

Build a community and give that community a way to represent itself online

One of the most important cornerstones of a successful eCommerce brand is a solid community. According to our 2022 Future of Commerce research, 40% of brands want to provide more opportunities for customers to interact with a brand in 2022 and beyond.

Every successful NFT initiative has a strong community behind it, where customers can engage with your brand and supporters may build deep and lasting relationships. Customers who own your brand’s digital collectibles have a financial incentive to refer more individuals to your business and become true brand ambassadors.

Personalize your loyalty programs

Brands can gain a competitive advantage in the future of commerce by implementing customized loyalty programs that use NFTs. Businesses can use NFTs to provide customers with tokens that can be used for early access to new products, discounts, admittance to special events and secret communities, and much more. And most important — everything is decentralized.

Collaborate with your clients

NFTs let customers own a piece of your brand and show off their brand association as a badge of honor on social channels. The ownership establishes a strong emotional bond with clients, providing them a cause to return and increasing their lifetime value.

By the way, customers who are willing to be part of your brand are much more interested in helping you grow and as you know — customers are the main key to scaling the business.

NFTs technology implementation

There are 2 types of businesses:

  1. Loves do it yourself
  2. Hates do it yourself

In this situation, both business types need an infrastructure to successfully implement NFTs in their eCommerce processes and get benefit from it.

Wondering what Combased creates at this crossroads? Let’s get to it.

Shortly about Combased. It’s a blockchain company that develops web3 decentralized products and in the same way, provides web3 custom services for eCommerce businesses.

Combased products are more for businesses and individuals who are willing to create their NFTs collection and easily sell it.

Combased services are more familiar for businesses who aren’t willing to invest time in NFTs technology implementation in their eCommerce business — but they need it. In other words, the business that hates do it by themselves.

We are working smoothly. Products are developing and always moving forward. More and more clients are happy receiving our custom solutions for their eCommerce business.

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