A Comprehensive Guide to Combased Elrond NFT collections by Harry Burrell

Harry Burrell
February 27, 2023
5 min read

Introduction to “Combeys”

I’ve talked broadly about the magical world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with all of its wonders and delights. Now I would like to give an Introduction to “Combeys” and what sets them apart from other NFTs in this space.

Combeys are an opportunity for you to gain a share of the income from an up-and-coming, successful blockchain company that is bringing web3 to eCommerce. For more information about Combased and the many arms of the business; go to https://www.combased.io/

But let’s delve deeper into the many ways Combased rewards you for being an NFT holder!

Passive Income

As previously stated, NFTs are known for their passive income. In the Elrond ecosystem, these are usually in the form of EGLD & LKMEX (native tokens) and are usually generated from the original mint revenue and/or royalties from secondary sales.

How does Combased fund its passive income?

Combased funds the Community Driven Organisation (CDO) wallet partly in the same way with 50% of Combey and (upcoming) Combot mint revenue and royalties going directly to the wallet. Also, 10% of their Ethereum NFT collection’s, NFTcommerce Co-Founders Pass, mint revenue will go to the CDO.

However, this isn’t the only source, Combased is a Subscription as a service (SaaS) provider and as such the following contribute: 

  1. Shopify apps (NFTcommerce & Fungyy) - 15% of revenue goes to Combased CDO wallet
  2. Marketplace (Crossbased) - 15% of revenue goes to Combased CDO wallet.
  3. Launchpads - 15% of revenue from their launchpads goes to Combased CDO wallet.

With all of these sources of income, they can guarantee that the rewards each month are growing, and the holders are increasingly rewarded for their trust in the future of Combased!

What passive income is paid?  

They also want to set themselves apart from the competition by not only farming LKMEX & EGLD for their holders but also farming UTK & RIDE, the utility tokens for Utrust and Holoride.

The LKMEX is paid bi-weekly and the UTK, EGLD & RIDE are paid monthly. Your portion of these rewards is determined by the number of Combeys you hold.

 Note: You must hold the NFTs for at least 10 days before they are counted for any upcoming passive income.

The Revolutionary Combased Tier System

Most other NFT projects in this space only focus on the number of NFTs held and do not seek to create value based on rarity. A rarity in most cases only has value based on the buyer’s speculation.

Combased introduces a revolutionary new approach where you are assigned a tier based on a combination of the amount of NFTs held and the average rarity of those NFTs. Your tier then determines your access to a host of additional benefits beyond the standard passive income!

How is your tier calculated?

Combased uses the following simple calculation to determine your tier:

Mean average rarity / 2(number of NFTs held) = Index Score 

In plain English, the average rarity of your NFTs is divided by two times the number of NFTs you hold.

But, if you have less than 10 Combeys, you must also add ‘10 minus the number of Combeys held’ to your score.

For example,

If you had 10 NFTs with an average rank of 5.5 (5.5 divided by 20), you would have a score of 0.275.


If you had 1 NFT with an average rank of 2 (2 divided by 2), you would then add 9 (10 minus 1), giving a score of 10. 

You would then consult the following table to determine your tier:

Combeys rarity tier

The higher your tier, the more additional benefits you activate!

The additional benefits and their descriptions

Combeys holders rewards

All tiers:

Passive Income – As described above.

Full ownership of Artwork & License – No restrictions.

Combased Carbon Neutrality Initiative – Combased is dedicated to carbon neutrality and you can be a part of this great initiative!

Pre-sale Access of Combots/Combiens – Holders will have first dibs on the minting of Combots/Combiens.

Airdrop: Themed Collections – A variety of themed NFT collections will be dropped to holders. Most recently we had Banana ComTrees dropped to us to keep our Combeys well fed. Each NFT will have their own utility in the future.

Partner Code Minting Discount – 5% discount on minting prices (Innovators only benefit from the discount themselves and cannot pass it on to others)


Combot raffle – 1 Combot will be raffled between Innovators.


Partnership Program Cashback Rate – 5% of sales made using a referral code is paid to you.

Combot raffle – 3 Combots will be raffled between Mentors.


Partnership Program Cashback Rate – 7% of sales made using a referral code is paid to you.

Combot airdrop – 1 Combot is airdropped to all Sages.

*Whitelist spots for collections/project


Partnership Program Cashback Rate – 10% of sales made using a referral code is paid to you.

Combot airdrop – 2 Combots are airdropped to all Royals.

Half-yearly Egld Rebate/Airdrop - $150 in EGLD airdropped to you every 6 months.

*Combased Club eligibility – You now meet the basic requirements to potentially join the Combased club team (subject to availability and having skills that would benefit the company)


Partnership Program Cashback Rate – 15% of sales made using a referral code is paid to you.

Combot airdrop – 3 Combots are airdropped to all Primes.

Half-yearly Egld Rebate/Airdrop - $300 in EGLD airdropped to you every 6 months.

*Carbon Offset Certificate

*Collection Pre-sale 60min headstart


Partnership Program Cashback Rate – 20% of sales made using a referral code is paid to you.

Airdrop: Unique 2D Combey

Combot airdrop – 4 Combots airdropped to all Alphas / 8 Combots if you are holding a unique 2D Combey as well.

Half-yearly Egld Rebate/Airdrop - $500 in EGLD airdropped to you every 6 months.

Airdrop: Metabonding & Misc ESDTs

 *This tier and any tier higher benefit from this.

Conclusion - How to get involved

Now is the best time to get involved. With so few Combeys listed on the market and passive income increasing rapidly, who knows what the price of one Combey might reach soon.

If you are interested, you can pick a Combey up on the secondary market at:




If Combeys don't excite you, Combots are right around the corner with the mint happening over the next couple of months.

So, I hope to see you soon in the discord, and welcome to the Combased community!

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