A complete guide on how to launch the NFT collection 

Augustinas Grūpas
February 27, 2023
5 min read

NFTs are quickly entering the mainstream. As interest and popularity grow, more collections become available as brands shift their focus to this hugely promising new technology.

This post will outline a powerful strategy for launching a successful NFT collection. We discuss NFT marketing strategies, blockchain and marketplace options, community building, smart contract, utilities.

Tell a Fascinating Story

We'll begin by assuming you already have an NFT concept.

Whether you are converting an image, video, merchandise, or anything else into an NFT, the critical question you should always ask yourself is: why will individuals desire to purchase it?

Your NFT collection marketing strategy should contain a compelling story that will entice customers to purchase your NFT. Before starting to develop your NFT collection marketing strategy you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What distinguishes your NFT collection from others?
  • Why should people be interested in your NFT collection? What makes it special?
  • Why will it retain its value and be of interest in the future?
  • What is the worth of your NFT collection to the buyer?
  • What is the exclusivity tier of your NFTs?

Select Blockchain and Minting Place

One of the most important aspects of starting an NFT collection is deciding where you will sell it.

Two early decisions that your brand must make are:

  • How are you gonna sell your NFTs?
  • What blockchain will you use to generate your NFTs?

The vast majority of NFTs are created on Ethereum and traded on OpenSea. However the Ethereum market is extremely huge, and this fact inspires new NFT collection's owners to start building collections on less popular blockchains with huge potential ahead such as Elrond Network that can increase new NFT collection success rate a lot.  

You can launch your NFT collection on the Elrond Network very easily with Combased support. We at Combased help new NFT collections to launch on the Elrond blockchain by providing them with a full-service package required to launch a collection, on top we love to share our experience on launching NFT collections on Elrond.

On Elrond Network you can use Elrond-based marketplaces or you can create your own minter like Comverse has which will allow you to have more control over your NFT launch. By running your own NFT minter, you can increase your revenue while also offering lower prices to your customers due to the elimination of high transaction fees. 

If you wonder how to launch launch NFT collection or are you interested in dApp NFT minter  - contact Combased and we will help you!

Writing Smart Contracts

A contract is required for the sale of an NFT. When developing contracts, consider the following points:

  • Will you collect royalties if the NFT is resold?
  • What is the maximum number of NFTs you intend to issue?
  • Will the buyer be able to mint their own NFT, and does the NFT purchase include anything else? Is it also a ticket to a special event, or does it come with a physical equivalent?
  • Will the buyer own the NFTs' intellectual property?

Building Buzz and a Community

The goal of NFT launches is to generate buzz and excitement about your collection. The more enthused your community is, the more valuable your NFTs will be to buyers, and the more people will be interested in purchasing.

A few key steps to include in your NFT launch marketing include:

  • Make a social media profile. NFT fans spend a lot of time on Twitter and Discord, so this is where you should concentrate your efforts. Reddit and Telegram can also be included.
  • Collaborate with NFT influencers.
  • Launch an NFT giveaway contest.
  • Make sure your company has a professional website. One area where many brands fail is in their online presence.
  • Add your NFT collection to the NFT calendar to become more visible.

Focus on value

The bullshit can take you to the top but will never let you stay there. Most of the NFTs are based on hype, so it means that they are focusing on short-term actions with lead nowhere. However, if you want to create a sustainable community and valuable NFT collection you must focus on long-term-based actions and execute consistently. 

Be transparent to your community, utilize your NFT collection, deliver consistently, and eventually you gonna be one of the top NFT collection witch focus on the long term vision.

To sum up

Launching the NFT collection is easy when you have support and advisors. However, to deliver and make your NFT holders happy requires transparent hard work. 

If you need some inspiration you can analyze how we manage our several NFT collections. Join our discord and learn from us! 

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