Collaborate to change Web2 -> Web3

We invite you to join our partnership program and become our brand ambassador or solution partner. Together we will build the next wave of e-commerce and applications running in the blockchain.

Let's partner

Build transparent partnership and focus on delivery

Affiliate partner

Earn a 10% commission rate from any signed deals (dApp, smart contract development, standard websites). Perfect for B2B leaders in space or companies specializing in KYC and fintech.

Solutions/Technology partner

Offer Combased services as part of your solution.  Whether you are building e-commerce or an upcoming SaaS project, we are here to help with blockchain services.

Brand ambassador

Start offering real development solutions instead of solely focusing on content creation.  Guide your audience into exciting projects.

Earn 10% commission & get an unlimited support

Yes, that’s right. We will pay a 10% commission for every newly signed client. We offer detailed and technical support throughout the onboarding process to solve problems quickly. To make a partnership successful, we provide detailed documentation about the scope of our services and current capabilities. That includes smart contract development, NFT collection launches, dApp auditing, marketing/brand strategy, and web/mobile app development.

Build a next unicorn with Combased

Have an idea and detailed roadmap? Or perhaps already have a team of developers but lack information about a particular area - Smart contract auditing? Well, that’s where we would be more than happy to fit in. Combased provides modular services (NFT minters, staking SCs, e-commerce apps) as well as nuanced blockchain services - auditing, cloud blockchain infrastructure, and SDKs for mobile apps. We can fit these missing pieces into your current technology stack,sign a partnership and focus on new utilities for our customers.

Become a voice that Web2 needs

Utilize your current LinkedIn, Twitter audience and suggest new ways of fixing slow payments in fintech, lack of customer engagement in e-commerce marketing, or transparent data sharing for MedTech. Join our Discord community of passionate community members, learn about our vision and start creating content that can solve problems. Of course, we include the 10% commission rate!