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JewelSwap Lending Protocol

JewelSwap is a decentralized peer-to-pool lending solution developed for MultiversX, a blockchain-based platform for NFTs. The client required a secure and decentralized way for borrowing tokens while enabling lending of EGLD, the native currency of MultiversX, for a higher yield than the current staking solutions. Our team, Combased, developed JewelSwap's MVP within 4 sprints, incorporating the client's requests for customizable borrow and collateral rates per NFT. The resulting smart contract and frontend application were developed natively with the latest MultiversX tools and built with React, respectively. The successful launch of JewelSwap, which locked in over 250 EGLD in TVL within 7 days, marked the first peer-to-pool NFT lending solution on MultiversX.

Bubblearn game

Combased successfully developed Bubblearn On-Chain Game, a fast-paced browser game that runs on the MultiversX Blockchain Network. With the aim of providing an engaging way for players to compete and earn $eGLD, the game features a secure smart contract that ensures the safety of players' rewards. By leveraging their expertise in MultiversX network capabilities, Combased was able to showcase the potential of blockchain technology in gaming and beyond through the creation of Bubblearn.

Divergent Club's Lottery dApp

Divergent Club's Lottery dApp is an innovative and automated solution that rewards NFT holders with $EGLD in a fun and exciting way. The dApp is build on MultiversX Blockchain network and allows for the creation of various pools based on NFT rarity, and investors can claim tickets to participate in weekly contests. The smart contract is securely written on the blockchain, ensuring that players' rewards are safe and transparent.

NFTcommerce Shopify app

NFTcommerce is an innovative Shopify app developed by Combased that enables merchants to token-gate their products using NFTs, delivering a unique and exclusive Web3 experience to customers in Web2 eCommerce. The app is built on the MultiversX and Polygon Blockchain Networks, allowing for seamless integration with Shopify. With NFTcommerce, merchants can easily token-gate their products, providing customers with access to exclusive content and experiences. Combased's expertise in Shopify apps development, smart contract development and blockchain integration made NFTcommerce a success, revolutionizing the way eCommerce operates in the Web3.

Fungyy Shopify app

Combased, a leading Web3 development company, has created an innovative Shopify app that allows merchants to seamlessly mint, list, and transfer NFTs on the Polygon and MultiversX blockchain networks directly from the Shopify e-commerce platform. This app allows merchants to manage NFTs as regular products, enhancing customer loyalty and building lasting relationships with their audience. Combased's extensive knowledge in Shopify app development, e-commerce, smart contract development, and blockchain integration made facilitated the creation of this app, transforming the way NFTs are sold on e-commerce platforms.

BitXFinance - Custom dApp Development on MultiversX Blockchain

We developed a custom token for BitXFinance, which provided holders with staking, swapping, and NFTs. Our team implemented a staking launchpad, atomic swap, locking/vesting, and LP farming functionality, making BitXFinance a valuable utility token on the MultiversX network.

Odin Defi - Custom dApp Development on MultiversX Blockchain

Odin Defi is a decentralized system designed to build a data oracle network based on an open protocol for interaction between participants and a sustainable economy. Our team developed a custom Defi protocol and implemented tokenomics, collaborating with a team to launch validator nodes.

ePad Network - Custom dApp Development on MultiversX Blockchain

ePad Network is a custom token allocation dApp, and our team implemented a solution for users to invest the desired amount of EGLD and claim allocated tokens. The dApp we developed enables users to collect tokens for new projects and provides a secure way to store and transfer them.

Landboard ICO - Custom dApp Development on MultiversX Blockchain

Landboard ICO is the first metaverse application built on the Elrond blockchain, aiming to provide the metaverse experience through location-based NFTs. We assisted with the ICO launch and successfully implemented a custom staking protocol that met the demands of the client.

Game Theory - Custom dApp Development on Fantom Blockchain

Game Theory merges decentralized finance and gaming, and our team implemented an NFT Marketplace, arcade games, lottery, and prediction services. We developed an NFT collection and integrated the required smart contract functionalities, creating a secure and engaging gaming experience.

Hive Investments - Custom dApp Development on Polygon Blockchain

Hive Investments is a DeFi as a Service (DaaS) based protocol that combines NFT technology to maximize the benefits. Our team implemented a unique token earning model and created an NFT collection focused on bees. We also performed a codebase audit with CertiK to ensure the security and reliability of the dApp.

WolfTown - Custom dApp Development on Binance Blockchain

WolfTown is a Play-to-Earn Game focused on the animal world, and our team developed a brand new game that allows users to earn a custom token by interacting with the game world. We added decentralized functionality to the 2D pixel-based online game, creating an engaging and rewarding user experience.

FABWELT - Custom dApp Development on Binance & Polygon Blockchain

FABWELT is an NFT marketplace & SWP on Binance and Polygon, and our team developed a custom NFT marketplace, auction, launchpad, and unique NFTs swap functionality with public offers. We provided a security audit with design guidelines to ensure the dApp's reliability and security.

Hip Ape NFT - Custom dApp Development on Ethereum Blockchain

Hip Ape is a community on the Ethereum Network, and our team developed an NFT minter with required minting functionality and wallet connect via Metamask. We ensured that customers had a seamless and professional experience while purchasing Hip Ape NFT.

Polar Financial - Custom dApp Development on Avalanche Blockchain

Polar Financial is a GameFi Project that rewards users for collecting NFTs nodes with Game Rewards. Our team developed a custom ERC20 token enabling node creation, NFTs creation, and a custom reward system for NFTs holders. We also created an NFTs marketplace, where users can buy NFTs and earn game rewards.

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