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Case study

ePad network

Custom dApp development

ePad network is a custom token allocation dApp.

The client wanted to implement dApp for collecting tokens for new projects.

We implemented dApp for users to invest the desired amount of EGLD and claim allocated tokens.


Case study

Landboard ICO

Custom dApp development

Landboard ICO is the first metaverse application built on the Elrond blockchain, aiming to provide the metaverse experience through location-based NFTs.

The client wanted to implement ICO launch and custom staking.

Our team successfully assisted with ICO launch and staking protocol met demands. Future collaboration is in the progress.


Case study

Game Theory

Custom dApp development

Game Theory is merging decentralized finance and gaming.

The client wanted to implement NFT Marketplace, arcade games, lottery, and prediction services.

We implemented NFT collection as well as required Smart contract functionalities.


Case study

Hive investments

Custom dApp development

Hive investments are DeFi as a Service (DaaS) based protocol that combines NFT technology to maximize the benefits.

The client wanted to launch an NFT collection, focused on bees and a unique token earning model.

Our team implemented NFTs, and created dApp to earn rewards by collecting “honey” from NFTs infrastructure. Codebase audit was performed by CertiK.


Case study

Ehecatl dragon

NFT collection

Ehecatl dragon is an NFT collection with a unique “breeding” rewarding system.

The client wanted to launch an NFT collection, focused on dragons with staking, custom “breeding” functionality, casino, and merch.

We completed requirements throughout multiple iterations and “breeding” functionality fully met client demands.


Case study


Custom dApp development

WolfTown is a Play-to-Earn Game focused on the animal world.

The client wanted to implement decentralized functionality to the 2D pixel-based online game.

We developed a brand new game, allowing users to earn a custom token by interacting with the game world.


Case study


Custom dApp development

FABWELT is NFTs marketplace & SWP on Binance and Polygon

The client wanted to implement a custom NFTs marketplace, auction, launchpad, and unique NFTs swap functionality with public offers.

We developed the dApp, supervised multiple revisions, and provided security audit with design guidelines.

Binance & Polygon

Case study

Hip Ape NFT

NFT collection

Hip Ape s a community on the Ethereum Network.

The client wanted to sell NFTs professionally and own customer experience while purchasing Hip Ape NFT. Also to later provide NFT staking functionality.

Our team developed the NFT minter with required minting functionality and wallet connect via Metamask.


Case study

Polar Financial

Custom dApp development

Polar Financial is GameFi Project, that rewards users for collecting NFTs nodes with Games Rewards.

he client wanted to implement a custom ERC20 token, which would enable node creation, NFTs creation, and a custom reward system for NFTs holders.

We developed the dApp with the required functionality. NFTs marketplace was also created, where users can buy NFTs and earn game rewards.